Liking what’s left behind more than letters!

Futurism 1910-1945 was part of the first movements to embrace technological progress losing formality of typography. The typography of Marrinetti had an influence on textile design, with abandonment of traditional format it opened the way to vivid pictorial typographic works. I experimented with typography as a possible inclusion of my work.

Tracy Emin as a contemporary artist used typography creating work that literally expressed her emotions. I’m considering using text to convey my thoughts with reference to our ecological situation. More recently lit fluorescent text emulating hand writing has become a regular part of her work. Thinking this through this would not support the message within this presentation.

Acid Oceans

Bleached sea beds…

Metal sculptures adding another dimension to the wall hanging. Alexander Calder worked with wire creating sculptural pieces in both a solid mass and drawing like representation. The wire fish bones help put another layer to my work.

Star annese, although I liked the shape they appeared to solid and and had an over powering smell of aniseed that did not fit with the project.