Below the Surface.w

Soft sculpture depicting Coral Beds. As I review this work I realise how many snippets there are of artists that have interested and inspired me..

—————————————-Eva Hesse’s style shows through although the fibres are far removed from her 1960’s pioneering work with plastics and other man made materials. Deconstructed fibres become a metaphor for the disintegration of decay and dying corals. Louise Bourgeois deconstructed textiles and rejoined in a bold manner. All the fabrics used in this piece have already lived and hold memories within them. The colour and design of the threads within the blue side of the work show links with the work of Sheila Hicks.


The thoughts below added after public reaction at preview show ….

Speaking with a visitor to WUC degree show .. she said her son had visited Australia and seen the coral beds for himself and was struck by the horror, also, that this artwork depicted the reality of our ecological imbalance

This brought more awareness to me of our individual responsibilities to bring our planet back from the brink and preserve its natural beauty.


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