Artist working cv.




Working artist with a broad knowledge of all painting media and techniques. Excellent communication skills, can work happily with all ages and artistic levels. Experienced in conveying artistic knowledge and instruction in clear and defined manner. Good team player, happily adaptable to any given tasks. Upholds a professional manner whilst remaining approachable and helpful. Reliable with a strong realization to the importance of time schedules. 



 Sculpture in all mediums. Works created in wire, metal, wood, clay, textiles, paper, cardboard and mixed recycled materials.
 Collage. Collages created in 2 & 3 D. mixed media, newspaper, magazines, card, recycled items, textile fabrics and wools.
 Sketching. Quick and detailed sketching, pencil, pastels, charcoal, crayons and other page markers.
 Painting. All medias. 
 Mural Works.
 Printing in all mediums.
 Ink works.
 Knowledge of papers and canvas.
 Land art.
 Experience in delivering learning to both Adults & Children.


 2002-2015 Interior Design Practice. Freelance commercial & private commissions, project management, conception to completion. 

Adult Education Tutor in Design.

 Current  Art Practice, Sculptural and Art work commissions, mural art, workshops (adult), After School Club Art Classes. 


Betc. HND 3D design / South East Essex College.

Delivering & Learning in Adult Education.

BA(hons) Contemporary Art & Design.

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