Nicola’s art is inspired by natures elements absorbing the many different aspects of the natural environment. Now residing in the South East of England, her childhood was spent in The Forest of Dean where the sculptural elements of the forests, natural textures, shadows and play of light between branches became the inspiration within her.


Fiber’s and Textiles are the usual choice for Nicola’s installations, using the fluidity of the fabrics to express her realization. 


Charcoal, and pastels are mediums used in her 2D creations where she uses colour and expression of light to create form. Nicola describes her art as neither realism nor true abstraction but a place she is finding between the two.


Margate on the South East Coast is currently the main subject of Nicola’s study. It offers a wealth of natural environmental interest, combining a social history that has left its marks. Nicola finds the ocean and beaches a constant source of inspiration saying “no two moments are the same.” Her next exhibition will expand into a study of the skies both night and day, the moon’s forces combined with the movement caused by wind. 



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