Artist Statement.

I am an emerging artist and my practice is within the boundaries of Contemporary Art and Design.

My artistic inspiration is based on elements of the natural world, the environment and its emotive and social interaction with mankind. 


My work is neither reality or abstract but an expressive interpretation of my own notions.


 I work sculpturally using textiles, strings, wire and often found items. I also work in 2D often using charcoal or pastels which together with photography builds to inspire or work alongside my installations. 


 The fluidity of textiles, strings and wire combined with solid found items create artworks that have movement and present a representation of strength combined with fragility, this is relevant to the ideas behind my work.


 My art comes from many directions within the environment. The interaction of experiencing the natural elements of nature. The gentle winds and the howling gales, how the power of weather can change the landscape. The changing seasons and their effects on our surroundings. The vastness and the constraints, the continuous pull of the moon on our oceans, what the ocean conceals and how we as humans interact with our world.


My sculptures are designed with one element dependent upon another. I would aspire for my work to create an awareness to the delicate balance of the world around us, giving an understanding of how the domino effect leads to destruction. How one part supports another to co-exist. 


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